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    • President

      Gabriel Viňanský

    • Coach

      Marián Mihok

    National Association and Teams

    Slovak Futnet Association was founded in 1974. Since then, it has been in charge of the long-term competitions (leagues) as well as the national championships (one- or two-day events), referees and coaches’ trainings, participation of the national teams at international events, etc.

    In 1993 Slovakia became a member of International Footballtennis Association (IFTA).

    In 1994, Slovakia hosted 1st Men’s World Footballtennis Championship and in 2000, 1st World Footballtennis Championship for women and juniors (internationally, futnet was known as footballtennis at that time).

    In 2010 Slovakia became one of the founding members of the new world federation which also brought a new name for our sport – Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF).

    Slovakia has some of world’s top futnet players. With only few exceptions, Slovakia has always won at least one gold medal in each World or European Championship. The most successful championships in the recent decade were the Men’s European Championships in 2011 and World Championships in 2012 (three golds out of three at both events).

    Slovakia hosted the Women’s and U21 Men’s European Championships in Košice in 2013 and Men’s European Championships in Humenné in 2015.

    At last Women’s and U21 Men’s World Championships in 2017 in Nymburk Slovak women obtained 5th place in single and double and 4th in triple while U21 men won silver in doubles, bronze in triple and 4th place in singles.


    U21 MEN

    Single: Igor Zubák

    Double: Matej Prachár, Samuel Novák, Lukáš Zubák

    Triple: Matej Prachár, Samuel Novák,Jakub Baka, Roman Samko, Mário Mušuka



    Single: Gabriela Viňanská

    Double: Lucia Kováčová, Renáta Gejgušová, Karolína Mateidesová

    Triple: Lucia Kováčová, Renáta Gejgušová, Karolína Mateidesová, Beáta Sekletárová, Gabriela Viňanská


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