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      Pavel Mašek

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      Pavel Mašek

    National Association and Teams

    The Danish national women’s team joined the World Championships first in 2008 and since then Denmark has participated at all World Championships, starting with the women’s team, but later also mens and junior teams. In 2010 Denmark was one of the establishing countries of the new futnet federation UNIF.

    Futnet is not well-known or very popular in Denmark, competing mainly with football, where many representatives consider futnet as some kind of competition, and therefore are not so open to trying it out or use futnet as part of football training skills. But many football players including from the top level are playing futnet with adjusted rules. Therefore the Danish Futnet Federation (DFTF) is focusing on promoting the official and correct futnet rules to the public knowledge and so slowly implementing futnet more and more in Denmark.

    This year are we coming with a ladies team composed of girls having experience from the last World Championships and some newcomers, while the junior team includes built by very young players (the previous ones now play among men), so they could stay in the team also for the next period.


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