U21 Men Doubles

    In the doubles, both players should be equally good at all futnet skills. The ideal is the combination of a right-footed and left-footed player, this way they do not have to change sides in some offensive situations.


    The first pass after receiving the service should head towards the net where the other player can either attack directly (quick attack) or set it up to his team-mate for a gradual attack. On top level, blocking is used quite often to defuse or reduce the efficiency of the opponent's attack.

    World Championships 2017
    Final standings

    1. Czech Republic
    2. Slovakia
    3. South Korea
    4. Romania
    5. Hungary
    6. Poland
    7. France
    8. Spain
    9. Iraq
    10. Italy
    11. Denmark
    12. India
    Like in all futnet categories and disciplines, the touch of the net by any part of the body is not allowed and if it occurs, it means a point for the other team. In a set, both teams have the right to one 30-second time-out and max. two substitutions.


    What is required of the players in the double is the strength, speed, technical skill and a high level of complementariness. Both players have to master all types of moves and passes because if one of them revealed a certain weakness, for example, less confidence receiving the service, the rival team would immediately use it to their advantage.

    You can read more about the doubles basic rules in Women Doubles.


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