U21 Men Singles

    In the single, there is one player on each side and both are allowed up to two touches and only one bounce before passing the ball onto the other side. The court's dimensions are 9 x 12.8 m. The rules are the same for men, women and U21s.
    The service is carried out diagonally from the right or the left depending on the score of the player serving: with even numbers from the right, with odd ones from the left. The player who has won a point, has the service. The players have a possibility to receive the service after the ball has bounced in their area or without a previous bounce. However, to receive a service without a previous bounce is more difficult and therefore not that common.


    Most usual way of receiving a service is after the bounce with the chest (only male players) or the foot (using a halfvolley right after the bounce). When receiving, the player usually stands near the baseline or behind it and tries to pass the ball towards the net so as to have a good position for the attack. If the player cannot receive well, that means, he/she is not able to pass the ball towards the net, he/she is forced to attack from a distance which is more physically demanding in the long run and reduces the accuracy and efficiency of the attack.

    World Championships 2017
    Final standings

    1. Czech Republic
    2. South Korea
    3. Romania
    4. Slovakia
    5. Hungary
    6. France
    7. Poland
    8. Iraq
    9. Spain
    10. India
    11. Denmark
    12. Italy
    In general, a service in futnet in not an advantage, but in single it is different since a good service, often a smashed one (mostly male players), gives the player a chance to force his/her opponent out of the position and make the set-up for the attack much more difficult. A powerful and well-placed service can even lead to an ace. This way futnet single is quite similar to sports like tennis where serving is an advantage.
    Blocking in single is quite rare, used only if the opponent, having received the ball on the volley, has set up for the attack close to the net and waits for the bounce to attack or if it is possible to reach his pass by a block.


    You can read more about this futnet discipline in Women singles.


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