U21 Men Triples

    The triples is the most attractive discipline for the viewers, offering all kinds of spectacular moves: powerful smashes, deadly spikes nailed down just behind the net, treacherous backspin dropshots, fiery fights over the net and incredible saves.


    Each player has his/her function in the game and his/her part of the court to cover, though some functions can be performed by various players. Most of the time the attacking player stays close to the net, except when receiving a service or defending some attacks originating further down from the net. This player usually blocks the attacks of the rival team, lifting the leg above the net, trying to prevent the ball from getting into their side of the court. The other two players cover the rest of the field, defending and preparing their own attack. One of them is the setter who sets the ball to their smasher at the net and he can also serve as a blocker.

    World Championships 2017
    Final standings

    1. Czech Republic
    2. South Korea
    3. Slovakia
    4. Hungary
    5. Romania
    6. France
    7. Spain
    8. Iraq
    9. Denmark
    10. Italy
    Screening is often used in the service to make it more difficult for the opponents to receive it.
    The teams can also use two smashers which makes their attack more varied, more difficult to predict and as such, also more difficult to defend. During the attack they position themselves close to the net, one on the right, the other on the left, and the third player can choose whom to pass the ball and in which way: a shorter and lower pass to the player standing closer to him/her or a higher and longer pass to the player further down from him/her. A combination of a left-footed and right-footed smasher is a great advantage.


    In any case, the triple is a discipline in which it is most difficult to score a point, mainly because the players cover most of their part of the court and there is not so much open space left for the attack as in the double. Good defence with a block can often defuse the attack of the rival.


    You can read more about the basic rules (bounces, touches, substitutions) in Women Triples.


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