Women Triples

    In various countries, the triple is the most traditional futnet discipline: it is played in the court of 9 x 18 metres by two teams, both consisting of three players. The coach has other two players at his/her disposal who can substitute any of their team-mates on the court. Each team has the right to two substitutions per set, but if two players are substituted at the same time, it counts as one substitution.
    The players of one team can touch the ball up to three times before passing it to the other side (but not two consecutive touches by the same player).

    World Championships 2017 
    Final standings

    1. Czech Republic
    2. Switzerland
    3. Hungary
    4. Slovakia
    5. Romania
    6. Denmark
    7. Iraq
    8. Colombia
    9. Italy
    Similarly to the double, one bounce is allowed for men and two bounces for women and U21 men. Up to three bounces are possible in lower-level competitions in all categories. The service can be carried out by any of the players of the team which has previously scored a point towards any part of the opponent's service zone. The first pass after receiving the service should head towards the net to the setter who sets it to the smasher for a gradual attack or who can attack directly.
    What is important in the triples is that each player has to really perform his/her tasks for the team to work well. They need to be strong, both physically and mentally, creative and precise in the attack, responsible and reliable in the defence. You can read more about this futnet discipline in U21 Men triples.


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