In the single, the basic rules are the same for all categories (men, women and juniors). There is one player on each side and both are allowed up to two touches and only one bounce before passing the ball onto the other side. The court's dimensions are 9 x 12.8 m. Due to its physical and technical demands, single is not usually played by children.

    World Championships 2017
    Final standings

    1. Hungary
    2. Switzerland
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Romania
    5. Slovakia
    6. Colombia
    7. Denmark
    8. Italy
    9. Poland
    10. Iraq
    The single is physically very demanding and both players have the right to two 30 second time-outs in each set. A great technical skill is important, but even more important is the speed, stamina, peripheral vision and the ability to use the open spaces not covered by the opponent. And last but not least, a strong mentality that does not give up or crack up under pressure. 

    Compared to the traditional doubles and triples, the single is a relatively new futnet discipline, it has only been played for about 30-40 years. However, it draws admiration for the fighting spirit of the players, powerful attacks and smashed service and a formidable defence, with incredible saves often turned into a winning point. 

    You can read more about this futnet discipline in U21 Men singles.


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